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Reverse Osmosis Membrane Elements

The overall anti-fouling performance of the RO membrane/Reverse Osmosis membrane element products has been improved based on UltraClean's proprietary high performance composite membrane manufacturing technology. UltraClean RO membrane/ Reverse Osmosis membrane element can treat various feed water quality, and meet the water quality requirements for industrial water purification membrane. We kindly offer reverse osmosis membranes for Seawater Desalination and Brackish Water to fulfill different purification tasks.

Features of RO Membrane Manufacturer

Through our research and development, UltraClean Membrane Co., Ltd. manufactures RO membranes/ Reverse Osmosis membranes with stable performance, low operation pressure, high water flux and high fouling resistance according to different membrane demands and applications based on the advanced U.S membrane formulation and production technology.

Applications of RO Membrane Manufacturer

UltraClean RO membrane elements are available in 8-inch and 4-inch specifications and are widely applied in seawater desalination, thermal power plant feedwater, pure water and ultrapure water preparation, sewage treatment, chemical and petrochemical processes, food and beverage processing, municipal water treatment and other fields.

As a RO membrane manufacturer and supplier, UltraClean Membrane always focus on providing high quality RO Membrane for industrial water purification system in two kinds: Seawater Desaltination RO Membrane and Brackish Water RO Membrane. You can check out the product list or directly contact us to find the RO Membrane you need for your RO Membrane replacement project or water treatment system.

RO Membrane Manufacturer