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  • SW Series -Seawater Desalination RO Membranes UC SW-8040-400HRFR

SW Series -Seawater Desalination RO Membranes UC SW-8040-400HRFR

UltraClean SW-8040-400HRFR reverse osmosis membrane element for seawater desalination is a high-end reverse osmosis membrane element. The bottom membrane of the support layer has high compression resistance, thick and dense skin layer, and no defects on the membrane surface; anti-wear, anti-chemical degradation; membrane element manufacturing No post-processing is required in the process. It has a wide pH resistance range and high cleaning efficiency. It can be used for strong and efficient cleaning with ordinary acid and alkali. Because of the more thorough cleaning, the long-term operating pressure of the membrane system is lower, and it has higher performance during its service life. It can be greatly reduced. The operating cost can bring long-term high efficiency and economy to the seawater desalination system.

Product Description

The membrane element does not need postprocessing during the manufacturing. It tolerates a wide range of pH, which enables more efficient and rougher cleaning using regular acid and base, therefore it has high cleaning efficiency. The membrane system can operate in long term under lower pressure due to thorough cleaning, therefore the membrane performs better during its service life. It can significantly reduce operation costs, and bring the best long-term economy to the seawater desalination system.


● Pure water system

● Chemical RO filtration

● Desalination of brackish water

● Food and beverage wastewater

● Power plant boiler make-up water

● Medical reverse osmosis filtration system


  • HIGH QUALITY MEMBRANE: Features highest flow rates available to meet the water demands of both land and sea based desalinates, offering a high efficiency while providing a superior quality of water for your household or business to consume and enjoy.

  • FRESH TASTING WATER: The Reverse Osmosis Replacement Membrane cleans your water by removing heavy metals, inorganics and volatile organics and other harmful chemicals that produce distasteful and smelly odors.

UltraClean has independent intellectual property rights, international advanced film making technology and film rolling technology and equipment, which has laid a foundation for the high performance and stability of film products. The flexible process combination of the membrane production line provides a platform for developing customized and differentiated products for different water sources and water quality requirements, shortening the development cycle, and continuously iteratively upgrading products. To provide the market with mature and excellent membrane products, while constantly developing new products to adapt to different application environments and processing requirements. Contact us to get more details of our products.

Seawater Desalination RO SW-8040-400HRFR