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  • BWRO Membrane Fouling Resistance Series BW-4040-82FR

BWRO Membrane Fouling Resistance Series BW-4040-82FR

BW RO membrane elements are mainly used for brackish water desalination. They provide excellent, stable and consistent membrane performance for industrial water treatment systems.

Product Description

UltraClean FR series reverse osmosis membrane elements have strong anti-scaling performance and anti-organic and microbial pollution performance. They are mainly used to treat water sources with high pollution tendency, such as printing and dyeing wastewater and industrial wastewater from thermal power plants. Through the special composite membrane preparation technology, the charge and smoothness of the membrane surface are changed, and the hydrophilic performance of the membrane surface is enhanced, thereby reducing the pollutants and microorganisms attached to the surface layer, thereby reducing the fouling rate of membrane elements and prolonging the membrane service life. The UltraClean FR series is available in 8-inch and 4-inch sizes.

Membrane Features

  • Advanced membrane technology with innovative thin layer composite membrane design.

  • More consistent performance with less fouling requiring less frequent cleaning and change-outs.

  • 100% dry-stored membrane maximizing shelf life.

Membrane Specification

BWRO Membrane Fouling Resistance Series - BW4040-82FR

A inch(mm)B inch(mm)C inch(mm)
37.9 (963)0.75 (19)3.9 (99)


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Performance Specification

Effective Membrane Area
Stablized Rejection
Minimum Rejection
78 (7.2)99.599.02050 (7.8)

Test conditions: inlet pressure 1.55 MPa (225 psi); inlet temperature 25°C (77°F); inlet water quality 2000ppm NaCl; inlet pH 8; recovery 15%.

BWRO Membrane Fouling Resistance Series - BW4040-82FR