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280 Series

NF280 Nanofiltration Membrane

UltraClean NF280 nanofiltration membrane has ultra-high flux and are capable of highly removing TOC and THM (trihalides) predrives with moderate to moderate divalent salts passing through and other salts passing through to moderate or higher degrees. It is an ideal membrane element for removing organic matter from surface water and groundwater, softening it moderately, concentrating, separating or purifying inorganic salts, organic matter, natural drugs and fermentation broth.

NF280 nanofiltration membrane has a large membrane area and high water yield, providing a wide range of water treatment and concentration and separation applications for industrial production. 

NF280 nanofiltration membrane is suitable for removal of TOC, THM precursors, salt and low operating energy consumption systems under ultra-low pressure, as well as for material separation, municipal and industrial water treatment.

Features of NF280 Nanofiltration Membrane

· Ultra-high throughput.

· High removal of TOC and THM (trihaloalkane) precursors.

· Ultra-low operating pressure can effectively reduce the operating energy consumption of membrane system.

Welcome to contact us to help decide which membrane is suitable for your business or projects. The NF280 Nanofiltration Membrane will be highly benefitial to water treatment.

NF280 Nanofiltration Membrane