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500 Series

NF500 Nanofiltration Membrane

UltraClean UC NF500 series nanofiltration membrane is characterized by extremely high flux and high desalination rate, high interception of divalent ions and good passability of monovalent ions, medium removal performance while high yield of water, effective interception of organic compounds with molecular weight above 300~500D, and excellent decolorization performance. The component USES the latest component manufacturing technology to minimize filter dead spots and bypasses.Suitable for reclaimed water, municipal water, etc. There are two different sizes of 4 "and 8" for 500 NF Element.

Features of 500 NF Element 

· High throughput and high removal rate

· Excellent decolorization performance

· Achieving high water production with moderate removal performance

UltraClean Membrane focus on providing high quality 500 nanofiltration membrane elements with stable performance and long service life. If you still have questions on our nanofiltration membrane, please don't hesitate to contact us to get more information you need. We will serve you with good quality products as well as services.

500 NF Element


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