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  • BWRO Membrane Extra Fouling Resistance Series BW-4040-82XFR

BWRO Membrane Extra Fouling Resistance Series BW-4040-82XFR

BW RO membrane elements are mainly used for brackish water desalination. They provide excellent, stable and consistent membrane performance for industrial water treatment systems.

Product Description

UltraClean XFR series reverse osmosis membranes are manufactured by optimizing the formula, reaction conditions and post-treatment, the membrane skin layer is denser and more hydrophilic, the membrane surface is smoother, the membrane element structure is optimized, and the membrane products are produced with high-quality materials. Effectively purify raw water prone to biological pollution and organic pollution. UltraClean XFR series originals all use the latest diaphragm preparation technology, making their resistance to organic contamination and cleanability up to the industry standard, providing membrane elements with excellent anti-pollution ability and super durability for the difficult water treatment industry. The UltraClean XFR series is available in 8-inch and 4-inch sizes for systems with poor inlet water quality.


● Pure water system

● Chemical RO filtration

● Desalination of brackish water

● Food and beverage wastewater

● Power plant boiler make-up water

● Medical reverse osmosis filtration syste

Important Information

  • It is recommended that systems using these elements rinse the elements for 24 hours, prior to first use, to meet NSF/ANSI 58 Standard.

  • The first full tank of permeate must be discarded. Do not use this initial permeate for drinking water or food preparation.

  • Keep elements moist at all times after initial wetting.

  • To prevent biological growth during prolonged system shutdowns, it is recommended that membrane elements be immersed in a preservative solution. Rinse out the preservative before use.

  • The membrane shows some resistance to short-term attack by chlorine (hypochlorite). Continuous exposure, however, may damage the membrane and should be avoided.

Performance Specification

Effective Membrane Area
Stablized Rejection
Minimum Rejection
82 (7.6)99.699.42050 (7.8)

Test conditions: inlet pressure 1.55 MPa (225 psi); inlet temperature 25°C (77°F); inlet water quality 2000ppm NaCl; inlet pH 8; recovery 15%.

BWRO Membrane Extra Fouling Resistance Series - BW4040-82XFR