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High Temperature (HT)

High temperature reverse osmosis membrane elements from UltraClean Membranes are specialized membranes that can operate at elevated temperatures compared to standard RO membranes. They are typically designed to handle feed water temperatures of up to 90°C, whereas standard RO membranes can only tolerate temperatures up to about 45°C.

High temperature RO membranes are made from materials that can withstand the high temperatures and pressures involved in the RO process, such as polyamide, polysulfone, or polyphenylene oxide. They are used in applications where the feed water temperature is higher than normal, such as in thermal desalination, brine concentration, and industrial wastewater treatment. Learn more

Advantages of High Temperature Reverse Osmosis Membrane Elements

One advantage of high temperature RO membranes is that they can reduce the need for pre-treatment steps, such as cooling or heating the feed water, which can save energy and reduce costs. However, they are typically more expensive than standard RO membranes and may require additional maintenance to ensure optimal performance at high temperatures.

High Temperature RO Membrane Elements



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