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90 Series

NF90 Nanofiltration Membrane

UltraClean UC NF90 series nanofiltration membrane elements can achieve a high yield of water and at the same time have excellent performance of removal of primary and secondary salts, high removal rate of organic compounds, such as pesticides, herbicides and THM precursor, etc., with high removal ability of natural organic compounds.

In the process of water treatment, UltraClean UC NF90 series nanofiltration membrane elements can not only reduce the hardness of water, but also effectively remove the toxic and harmful substances in the water, removing turbidity, chroma and organic matter with low net driving pressure and low operating pressure to effectively remove impurities or recover useful substances .In addition, the economic value of high-priced salts and small molecules of organic matter can be recovered. UltraClean UC NF90 series nanofiltration membrane elements bring the low energy consumption and good economy to the system.

Application of NF90 Nanofiltration Membrane

NF90 series nanofiltration membrane is especially suitable for paper printing, dyeing industry, municipal water treatment system and other fields.

Features of NF90 Nanofiltration Membrane

· Excellent removal of monovalent and divalent salts.

· Suitable for removal of TOC and THM precursors.

· System for removing salts at ultra-low pressure with low operating energy consumption.

If you're looking for membranes for water treatment in your project, please feel free to contact us to get more detailed information. The experts from UltraClean Membrane would like to offer the best membrane solution to your problem with years experience and professional knowledge.

NF90 Nanofiltration Membrane