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  • UC NF 150 Series-NF Membranes UC NF-150-82

UC NF 150 Series-NF Membranes UC NF-150-82

UltraClean UC NF90 series NF membranes provide high flux and excellent performance of removing monovalent and divalent salts. It also has high removal rate of organic compounds, such as pesticides, herbicides and THM precursor, etc.

Product Description

It also has high removal of natural organic compounds. In the water treatment process, it can not only reduce the hardness of the water, but also effectively remove the toxic and harmful substances in the water, remove turbidity, color and organic matter. In addition, it can also recover valuable multi-valent salts and small molecular organics. It requires low net driving pressure, and can effectively remove impurities or recover useful substances under very low operating pressure. The system runs with low energy consumption and cost. It is suitable for papermaking, printing and dyeing industry and municipal water treatment system.

Membrane Features

  • Advanced membrane technology with innovative thin layer composite membrane design.

  • More consistent performance with less fouling requiring less frequent cleaning and change-outs.

  • 100% dry-stored membrane maximizing shelf life.

Membrane Performance Specification

Active Area  ft²(m²)Permeate Flow Rate  GPD(m³/d)Average Rejection(%)


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